I say “Never Mind” when I don’t feel like repeating myself.. I use “It’s A Long Story” as an excuse not to tell a story.. I tend to say “I Don’t Know” when I’m just too lazy to think..  When I say “No I’m Fine”, I mean “My Life Sucks.. Make Me Feel Better Please”.. And when I say “I’m OK”, I want someone to look into my eyes, hug me and say “You’re Not OK”..!

My Definitions!

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Hello world!

Hello everyone.. This blog is made by me Wesslife. I named it “Wesslife” because my last name is “Wess” and I’m a big fan of the singing band “Westlife”, so I thought the name would seem cool. I’m gonna post whatever I want whenever I feel like posting it. I’ll probably be posting my quotes most of the time, plus some songs, pictures and videos. I hope you enjoy being here in my world. Take care y’all.

Haddy Bear

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